AEW Dynamite Review – 16/02/2023

AEW Dynamite Review – 16/02/202312pm Live on ESPN (AEST)

Hi everyone, Sam here for the AEW Dynamite Review. Overall a good show with a bit of filler between some of the more engaging storylines, also the opener should have been swapped with the 2nd match (we will get to why in just a moment). Before we get to the highlights a couple of criticisms of the show. Wardlow only getting 3 minutes for people to be sympathetic to him was laughably bad because the promo was so abrupt. Billy Gunn and Jeff Jarrett getting more time in a match then anyone in their match. Now onto the highlights.

One of the main highlights was the Texas Tornado Tag match between the Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley and Claudio Castignoli) and LFI (Preston Vance and Rush). These two teams beat three layers of paint off each other with a lot of brawling throughout the match. However, the reason why this match is so fun is that it combines both hardcore/brawling styles with a bit of technical wrestling. The hardcore spots were brutal (especially the double chair spot), also Moxley bleeding again, good to see some consistency. Either way, fun match.

Another highlight was the promo segment featuring MJF. First of all, his crowd work is phenomenal and the crowd interactions were just hilarious. The promo he cuts where he justifies turning his back on the fans makes sense and it gets you on board with his crusade against Danielson. He then brings out Christopher Daniels to talk down on Danielson which he then refuses. Danielson politely tears MJF a new one which draws the ire of MJF who hoofs him in the plums and locking in the Salt of the Earth. This then brings out Danielson and brought this brilliant segment to a close.

Finally, I want to quickly mention the main event. Although the three women got 13 minutes, they made the most of it. It wasn’t big moves that made it good, it was the story that gets the audience invested. That story is centred around Ruby Soho and if she is an outsider or is she an original. The main question is who is Ruby going to turn babyface, or is she gonna go at it alone. Hopefully the story has a satisfying conclusion because they are doing well to build a story for the division, wish Jade Cargill could get something like this.

Overall, the show had good to great wrestling on it, storyline progression that makes sense and hyping Revolution.

1st Segment – Match

Out come Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt to face Orange Cassidy, the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Danhausen paying Orange Cassidy was funnier then it had any right to be. Max Caster going straight to the point on Jeff Jarrett with the line youre dad was a legend but youre just a douche bag and the line, you use nepotism just like the Ass boys. It is truly crazy how over Orange Cassidy is with the crowd. Match starts off nicely but the Gunn Club are here for a distraction getting some nice heat. Pity the focus is on the older guys because the younger guys in the match are very talented. There are way too many people in this match (10 people), and Billy Gunn is the one in it for the most time. Some of this match I could telegraph what the wrestlers are about to do, because of the camera work. The winners of the match are Orange Cassidy, Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed.

Solid match but I feel like they gave Jarrett and Gunn too much time in the ring. Also some of the camera work was a bit dodgy and the Gunn Club barely did anything to disrupt the match. There was some good stuff like the Acclaimed being reliably one of the most fun tag teams to watch, Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh doing their jobs well.

A quick recap from Bryan Danielson and it did really well to give hype to an hour long match. The boogeyman is coming for his AEW championship, damn straight I believe that

2nd Segment – Match

Its time for some Texas Tornado Tag match buddy. We got Moxley and Claudio both coming out to Wild Thing and the crowd love it. Preston Vance and Rush just jump them and start wailing on the two, nice hot start. Moxley ragdolling because he lost his balance was unintentionally funny. For a wild brawl, the match feels very smooth. Adam Page watching the match, studying Moxley. Lovely spear to Moxley from Preston Vance. Twin chairs to Castignoli were brutal. Another day, another time Moxley bleeds. Rush is so good, give this man a championship please and thank you. Jose hitting Claudio with a chair for some heat, then Yuta coming out to deal out some justice. Mox and Claudio win this one.

Fun match with a nice clash of styles. You honestly have to wonder how they get away with some of the stuff. So much bleeding just for a match on TV with little to no stakes just doesn’t feel right. Like people want great matches but also save some for your Pay Per Views. Any way Rush and Claudio and some great technical stuff while Vance and Mox brought out the good hardcore stuff and it was a nice match.

Backstage, Kip Sabian, the Butcher and the Blade attack Adam Page to soften him up but the Dark Order rock up and chase them away.

3rd Segment – Promo

Its time for the Wardlow interview, hope they give him some character other then yes he is big and has a nice face. Wardlow sits down with Jim Ross and talks about his dad (who looks like wish Danny Trejo) but his father died of cancer. He then calls out Samoa Joe for taking his hair, which he grew out in honour of his father and that he will not survive him.

Sorry was that it? Come on guys you call that an interview worth the amount of hype you gave it. It’s a shame it started really good with him mentioning his father, his connection to him and Samoa Joe taking a connection to his father. It then abruptly after saying that Samoa Joe won’t survive Wardlow. Like dude he beat you for the title, pretty sure he already survived you. But in the end, solid enough if not a little abrupt.

4th Segment – Match

Its not time for Josh Woods vs Mark Briscoe. Solid match to start off with then Tony Nese and Aria Daivari turn up to wail on Briscoe, with then prompts the Lucha Bros to beat up the two. Outside of the weird interference, its match of the night so far. Nice interference by Mark Sterling. Briscoe clapping with a chair was awesome and funny with a subsequent dive being lauded. Josh Woods, damn that dude goes hard. Mark Briscoe wins with an elbow drop.

Very good match, had a less is more sort of vibe but worked gangbusters for this match. Sure there is history between these two (which the commentators played up well) but watching them here was really fun and engaging. Chemistry was really well done and my main criticism is again going too hard when its just TV but hey I’m not gonna complain too much.

5th Segment – Promo

Adam Cole and Renee Pacquette are having a sit down interview. Cole mentions that he is celebrating small victories like his eye not twitching. He has a few ideas about who he wants to face but also wants to explore different chapters in this story. The promo ends with Renne and Cole staring into the camera with a hurry up and switch.

So this needed to be short, babyface Adam Cole is tricky to pull off only because he is great as a cool heel. You sort of have to distinguish the two characters. So far I like the optimism he brings but I wanna see what happens next. Good stuff.

6th Segment – Promo

MJF is out and he gets a kiss on the cheek then flipping her boyfriend the bird. Also smacks a dudes phone, good stuff. Sprays another dude in the face with his drink, lovely. They are on break and MJF is like I don’t give a fuck about my language. He talks about turning back on the fans before they turn on you. MJF being insecure about Danielson being better then MJF. But when the clock strikes 0, I’ll be victorious, ooft what a line. He then brings out Christopher Daniels to get a testimonial on Bryan Danielson. Daniels states he got paid to talk crap about Danielson but instead he throws the money at MJF’s face and says without Danielson there is no ROH, no AEW and no MJF. The segment ends with MJF slapping the mic away, Daniels slapping MJF, MJF kick to the nuts and locking in Salt of the Earth and finally Danielson chases him off.

What a great segment. MJF proving time and time again that he is a brilliant world champion. Christopher Daniels was a really nice touch and seeing MJF interacting with the crowd was even better. Keep these sort of segments coming please.

7th Segment – Promo

Promo from the Gunns saying that this is real life, not every story has a happy ending.

Nice and succinct, really digging into the lol we ain’t experienced, but we still kick ass and proved the haters wrong. Good job guys

8th Segment – Match

Its Brian Cage vs Jungle Boy Jack Perry time. Nice crisp movement from both men, makes you wonder why neither are contenders these days. Jungle Boy picks up the win after a crucifix bomb. After the match, Christian returns to blind side Jungle Boy. Acclaimed also add themselves to the tag title match at Revolution because they got robbed.

Not too much to say other then fun match, wish Cage got the win but hey here we are. Good to see Christian though and keep on the feud with Jungle Boy. The Acclaimed are just great, smack the belts back onto them please and thank you.

Christian Cage Returns Attacking Jungle Boy

9th Segment – Match

Its Adam Page vs Kip Sabian, Hangman wins with a Dead Eye Centre. After the match the Blackpool Combat Club come out and address Page. Page wants to finish his beef with Moxley at Revolution in which Moxley agrees and says thankfully you have no friends to talk you out of it. The Dark Order then arrive and confront the Blackpool Combat Club, much to Page’s dismay. Mox looks past Evil Uno and challenges Page to a Texas Death Match at Revolution. The JAS appear on the tron and talk some trash to Ricky Starks.

The match was solid just not eventful and the JAS promo was fairly generic. Its really about the post match angel. My goodness am I ready for Blackpool Combat Club vs the Dark Order. Or, Page betrays the Dark Order and aligns with the combat club. Either way, I am really liking the direction they are taking with this story.

10th Segment – Main Event

Time for Toni Storm vs Ruby Soho vs Dr Britt Baker. One of the better AEW women’s matches. Three very talented women going at it for 13 minutes (wish it was longer though). AEW have something really compelling with their story for Ruby Soho, who is she going to choose or is she gonna go rogue? Either way will make for some very entertaining TV.

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