Ken Dunlop On Current Australian Wrestling

Author and former Australian wrestler Ken ‘Dazzler’ Dunlop stops by to give us his thoughts on Australian wrestling today, Women’s wrestling during his time and production in Australian wrestling. Ken was an active wrestler around Australia from 1977 to 2000.

Ken on wrestlers that have stood out to him in recent months..

l don’t go to a lot of live shows these days however I have been to two shows from All Star Wrestling in the last few months and I have been impressed by a young worker named Aries, he had the best match on the show on both occasions. I watch bits and pieces on YouTube. We have some great young talent in this country, like Banjo Powers ( he could be huge in Japan if given the opportunity) , Keegan Brettle, Ricky South, Silvio Cohilj, Vinnie Vain and of course Robbie Eagles. Perth looks like it’s in great condition some great workers over there like Davis Storm, Gavin McGavin and Damien Slater. So Australia is in a great position for talent. I just wish that today’s guys would slow down a bit and do more holds and counter holds and Selling. Way to many high spots and without selling they mean stuff all. And a lot of guys don’t work the crowd. If the crowd don’t come you ain’t got a job.”

Ken on women’s wrestling during his time wrestling..

“Yes in my very early days women’s wrestling was huge, we had Sherrie Sinatra, Patti Ryan, Pixie, Princess Tara, Loveable Colleen and the Castlemaine Slugger. I trained a fair bit with Sherrie and Pixie, both great people. In the 90’s Ami Action was the standout ,a great worker. During my time in the business from 1977-2000 the best two female wrestlers of that time were Sherrie Sinatra and Ami Action. Both women are great role models for women coming into the business.”

Ken on production back then compared to now…

“We hardly had any production back in my time, we would put our entrance music on a cassette tape and give it to the Club as they had their own sound guys. Today’s shows have incredible production, lighting. What l still miss today is a compere calling the match, l think it’s vital to a match and it’s sadly lacking today.”

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