Buddy Matthews Wins MCW Championship

AEW star Buddy Matthews returned to Melbourne City Wrestling on Saturday night in an historic win to claim the MCW Championship from Mitch Waterman. Talking with foxsports.com.au after the match Matthews talked about coming full circle, Mitch Waterman himself, MCW and Australian wrestling.

“It’s taken its time, but it’s also been very very fast. It’s cool to come back and be remembered – kind of share the wisdom I’ve gone and found. It’s full circle.”

On Mitch Waterman..

“To be an inspiration to him over those years, to make him want to be a wrestler on my way out – and now he’s like the poster boy of MCW. To come back and mix it up with him, new talent, it’s fun for me, it’s challenging for me,” Matthews said.

“I enjoy passing on that wisdom. Making my mind think; I’ve got a mind, if I don’t share it, I’m selfish. So I think MCW is the pinnacle of Australian wrestling, and if I can be here and help show that on a bigger stage – I’ve got the flag now, let me run.”

On MCW and Australian Wrestling..

“The shows have gotten a lot better. It’s a true full spectrum of entertainment, as you saw tonight – it had a mixture of everything, for everyone,” he said.

“They’re taking those steps forwards. So drawing me in, and knowing the direction they want to go, I want to be apart of that. I want to jump on the train.

“Eventually my goal is to show Australian wrestling on free TV – the talent’s here, the production’s here, so dream big.”

On returning to Australia to defend the MCW title..

“It’s all about the travel – it’s how many times I want to jump on a plane and travel 30 hours,” he explained of his appearances back home.

“To see my family is everything, and my WWE schedule was very hectic. Not that this one isn’t, but AEW – I’m very fortunate to work for a company that allows me to go and see my family. Pop over, and help these guys. It’s really cool to come and do that.

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