A Career In Australian Wrestling (Pt 2) – Ken Dunlop

Written by: Ken Dunlop

When l first moved to Sydney l was really glad to see such a huge difference from Melbourne, first there was a lot of work for the guys with all the RSL and Leagues Clubs, plus the main three promoters would work with each other and help each other out. There was Steve Rackman, Roy Heffernan and Ron Miller and Larry O’Dea. Now back then there would quite often be more than one show on a night , mainly Friday nights and especially on Sundays (some Sundays there could be three shows l remember there were four shows and l worked all of them.

The Promoters would ring each other up and see who they were using so they could share the talent around and they would adjust their programme so just say l could do the opening match on the first show then jump into my car and drive to the next club and be on the 3rd match. It was exhausting but l loved every second of it. I was never told once that l can’t work for any promoter which l believe happens today. When l promoted from 1991-1998 l always encouraged my guys to work with as many promoters as you can to get as much experience as you can. At one stage l had about ten guys that l had trained working all over NSW, l was very proud of that. As a trainer and a promoter sure l made mistakes but l always tried to learn from them and l would always try my best to show everybody respect.

Ken Dunlop at the Wrestle Strong Dojo in Penrith

I dedicated my life to the wrestling business, every decision l made in my life from the age of 16 to 38 was based on wrestling. I always worked for small family businesses so l could take time off to go to shows, my holidays were based around the business. I gave it 100% and l would do it all again. Last year Nov 2021 l released my autobiography Dazzler Dunlop ‘Inside My Squared Circle’ which was released through Shawline Publishing Group. I was shocked that l am the Aussie wrestler to have written an autobiography. There are so many guys who l would love to hear their stories. I am known for being blunt and honest and again that always doesn’t go down well with everyone but that is just me. For anyone l have upset or offended during my career l sincerely apologize. I hold no grudges against people who did me wrong during my careeer either. Life is hard and you can’t let things from the past bother you. Life is to short. Remember the good times.

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