Renee Paquette On Working For AEW

Renee Paqutee, formally Renee Young in WWE made her All Elite Wrestling debut on the October 13 edition of AEW Dynamite from Toronto. Paquette went on to comment about her recent signing during an episode of her podcast, ‘The Sessions’.

“It all happened really fast, it literally happened so fast where all of a sudden Jon and I had been talking about it and then it felt like the next day my manager is calling me going, ‘Oh yeah, they are reaching out, the contract is coming through’ I was like, ‘Wow, that was a quick turnaround.’ During all of this, I’ve not even talked to Tony all that much about it just because there’s not really been much that we’ve needed to talk about until now I’m there.”

“He knows my skillset, he knows what I’m bringing to the table so I think it’s more of a let’s get you in here, let’s just start working, and I’ll think we’ll figure it out as we go. He knows what I bring to the table in terms of my years of working in this world and all of that, to the stuff that I’ve been able to do outside of wrestling.”

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