Jessica Troy Comments On PWA/MCW Colosseum

Speaking with Piers Austin on Shooting The Sh#$ Uncensored Jessica Troy comments on this weekends PWA/MCW Colosseum event.

“I can’t wait, I feel its been building and its been teased so much now. Just give us a Collosseum, we’re ready for it. Its finally going to happen this weekend.”

Troy commented on the differences to Colosseum from a PWA Black Label show.

“I think its the way its been hyped up, even from the first Colosseum everyone could tell this was a big deal. You bring a bunch of Australia’s best wrestlers into a room and make them fight each other, that just has big fight feels around it. So you’re going to see some banger matches and then one person is going to be the winner, its going to be me.

PWA/MCW Collosseum Night 1 is live across Australia tomorrow from 8pm(AEST) on

PWA/MCW Collosseum Night 2 is live across Australia Saturday night from 8pm(AEST) on

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