SA: Wrestle Rampage Redemption, Oct 29

Cosgrove Hall, (Clovelly Park, SA)

October 29 7pm, 2022

Business will be booming at Cosgrove Hall on October 29th as ‘The Business’ Slex returns to a Wrestle Rampage ring to challenge ‘The Prodigy’ Tommy Knight for the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at Wrestle Rampage: Redemption!

CONQUEST proved to be one of the toughest tournaments in professional wrestling today as 8 wrestlers fought 3 times in a single night to earn the right to become the next in line for the Australian National Championship. Unfortunately for the eventual winner Corndog, the risk has delayed his reward as he has been deemed medically unfit to compete at Redemption.

With Corndog out injured, capitalising on the opportunity is the former Melbourne City Wrestling champion, NOAH and World Series Wrestling star and TMDK member, ‘The Business’ Slex.

Most importantly, in an absolute classic rivalry in Melbourne City Wrestling, Slex is the only wrestler to defeat Tommy Knight since his reign of terror as the Australian National Champion began.

Will ‘The Prodigy’ gain a measure of redemption in the ring he has dominated throughout 2022?

‘The Eternal’ Edward Dusk, Nick Armstrong and Rat Daddy join the Australian National Champion, ‘The Prodigy’ Tommy Knight and ‘The Business’ Slex in another history making evening inside Cosgrove Hall not to be missed!

Fully licenced bar, canteen and merchandise available.


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