Aussie Toni Storm On AEW’s Womens Division

Queensland’s own and current AEW Interim Womens champion Toni Storm recently talked with TV Insider about the Womens division in AEW, social media, interim champions, working environment and more.

Storm won the AEW Interim Womens championship on Septmeber 4 at All Out defeated Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter and Hikaru Shida.

What are your thoughts on the whole structure of interim champions?

Toni Storm: It is a bit of a bummer. Thunder Rosa is still technically considered champion, even though I would consider myself a champion. It’s a bit frustrating for me right now. I guess when she is good to be back, I’ll be champion.

Does it add a chip on your shoulder? Like you have more to prove.

As champion, it’s going to be difficult. I knew when I won not to get too excited because I knew it was going to be hard. I’m not too worried about it. Thunder Rosa can come back and I’ll beat her. Then we’ll all be good. When you become champion, that’s when the real s–t starts to happen. I’m thinking about what kind of champion I’m going to be. If you’re a good champion, there are obstacles you have to overcome. I will have to work twice as hard.

You’ve worked all around the world, including WWE. How would you describe the work environment at AEW?

It has been really nice. Everyone is really happy. Everyone I’m around is feeling really proud to be there. I love it. I think it’s a really nice locker room. I think Tony [Khan] has the right idea of bringing fresh, new, and exciting things to our TVs every Wednesday and Friday. I’m definitely happier. I think it’s a really good atmosphere. I think that pushes me to work even harder. I’m improving a lot because of having that nice environment. We have hiccups. Every locker room in pro wrestling has its faults at times, but I think overall I’m in a good place.

Who have you gravitated toward? Has anyone in particular eased your transition into the company?

Initially, I gravitated to William Regal because I know him quite well. He trained me under NXT UK. He was nice to see. I really started a bond back there. Jerry Lynn is one of the people working with me now who has been really cool. I’m really learning a lot from him. Vickie Guerrero is someone who I really liked having backstage with me. She is such a sweet person. We all look to her as our leader backstage.

As a fan of women’s wrestling, you always want to see more. What do you think the state of women’s wrestling is in AEW?

It’s a story as old as time. Women’s wrestling struggles to get the same amount of time as the guys. We are put in a different position, but I really do believe we are headed in the right direction. We’ve got a locker room full of really hardworking and talented women that I believe are the future. It’s going to change the entire game. I think we’re going to overcome and get more time and see more emphasis on ourselves. But we’re doing the hard work. I’m very confident in this entire division. I’m proud to be at the top and will do whatever I can to push it where it needs to go. I’m proud of everyone back there. I’m choosing to be positive. I think, little by little, there will be more emphasis on us in AEW. We just need to keep breaking down that door. I also think consistency is what will get us there.


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