When Will Roman Reigns Lose The Undisputed WWE Universial Championship?

According to Wrestlingnews.co, a WWE source familiar with the creative proccess, has said there are no plans for Roman Reigns to lose the championship titles this year. The source said Triple H is pushing ahead with plans for Roman to walk into Wrestlemania as the Champion. The current plan is for Roman to face The Rock in a Championship match and for Roman to retain his titles. Roman would then go on to lose the titles shortly after Wrestlemania. Whilst the match is still dependant on The Rocks schedule, WWE believe the match will happen. WWE are also hopeful that The Rock will work a number of TV appearances in the lead up to Wrestlemania.

It is believed Roman Reings next title defense will be at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, as he is not booked for Extreme Rules, next month.

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